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We have seen the plight of  poor and uncared destitute Aged  living in the society. We felt that oldage homes are the only solution for large section of aged living in the villages or cities.  They have been living with the community in their own environment from their childhood. We, at SAHARA feel  that they should be supported  keeping them in their own environment and plan to support maximum number of elders with community based support.

Present Activities:

  • Sponsor an aged program- Aged receive in kind and financial support for their living. Presently 98 aged under the program.

  • Advocacy programs for aged- Awareness on Age care and the quality of life of an aged was generated among the younger generation by conducting awareness talks and campaign for the students of different schools.


  • Supported more than 1000 aged since inception.

  • Organized Awareness campaign for younger generation on care of the aged in more than 300 schools in Telangana/AP.

Success story:

Muthamma Vaddera is  about 80 years old,  living in slums near Amberpet, Hyderabad. Her husband worked as a labour and died  about 20  years ago. She was having one son and daughter, who also died and she is now all alone. She lives near a temple in the area.   The people in the area give her something to eat. She is suffering with joint pains, back pain and  other health problems and feels alone and isolated. She is unable to work to earn a living. 

Sahara adopted Muthamma and many such elderly living in the community and is providing their monthly nutrition, toiletries, health care  and making them to live happily in their own environment in the evening of their life. This would solve their sustenance problem and also psychological depression which most of them suffer as no one is caring them. They spend their day living within their community which they are used to since childhood.

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