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Women  are the one who struggle (invisible)  24x7 for their family. At Sahara we feel that they should be empowered in all respects so that they get self respect and whole family gets benefited.

Sahara has been advocating and lobbying with government officials, panchyat Raj officials, school administration etc. for empowerment of women and reducing the gender discrimination especially in rural areas. It has been collaborating with stakeholders, youth, women, people representatives, central and state ministries for the development and welfare of poor people. It has been endeavoring for poverty reduction and poverty alleviation in rural areas and drought affected areas especially, in Telangana.

Present Activities

  • Family and career  counseling.

  • Vocational Training- Beautician, Computer, spoken English, Office Assistant  and other skill development activities.


  • Worked for capacity building of beedi rolling women in10 villages of Tadwai mandal,  Nizamabad .

  • Provided resources and training for alternative income generation for beedi rolling women.

  • Formed Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) in 20 villages covering 2500 women in Karimnagar District and 2000 women beedi rolling in 20 villages of Tadwai Mandal of Nizamabad District.

  • Awareness Generation Programs were conducted for 3000 women in districts of  Adilabad and Karimnagar.

  • Provided vocational training women for about 900 women who are now reaping financial benefits from the skill learnt in the training.

Success stories

Mrs K. Kalavathi  is 26 years old married women, studied up to 9th class, she lives in Indira nagar of  Golnaka, Hyderabad.  She got married 11 years back and has a 9 years old girl. Her husband Srinu is a labour and she did maid servant work before joining in tailoring course. Her husband Srinu goes for labor work, whenever he gets.  Other days he spends idle at home.  As the needs of the family grew it become tough for her to sustain and she slowly started a maid servant work.

She Joined in Sahara Vocational Training center through a mouth to mouth canvassing and the centre was near to her house and there was no problem in taking care of children and in attending to classes.  She joined in the center in the month of   May ‘12 and completed entire course within time.

Now she is stitching at home and earning. She feels that it is a great job for the idle girls and young women who are sitting at home without any work. She says each house wife can join in the course and stand   on their feet by learning such a kind of course. This is a significant change in her life. Now she is stitching for their entire family members and getting customers.  She said that with the income she is getting, she can spend some money for her children.

She says that it is very good blessing to her because she never thought that she become a tailor in her life. She conveyed her thanks to  Sahara- concern India team.

Nagarani one of our trainee says

“I came to Sahara  for learning accounting and Tally. As there are no Tally course offered here,they suggested me to go to Reddy’s  Foundation  at Maharana Pratap Function Hall at Che  number X Road in Amberpet.  I went to Reddy’s  foundation  to get admission for  Accounting and tally but my candidature was rejected as I was above 28 years. After a week, again I approached to Sahara for admission in Spoken English,  personality development and Office Assistance courses.  I Attended three months course  and now I am working as data entry operator  in Help Trust  at Ramanthapur. If I was rejected by Sahara with the same reason of age, I would have been left as a housewife. I decided to do a job because I have three girl children. My husband is a Barber. I planned to stop delivery after the second child. But my parents and in-laws forced me for next child because first two children are females. I gave birth again to a girl child. I was very much disappointed after seeing a girl child  for some days. Now I am very happy because I have three children. I can’t stay one day without my last child. My humble request is that please give chance to young mothers those who crossed 25 years also.  Because,  I got marriage in my 18 years of age. I became a mother of three children within 25 years. There after my marriage, I tried to complete degree but my situation is not at all favor to me. I left my dream. Now I took decision to do something for my family. But, I realized that  Age is not a problem to learn anything and   willingness  is the problem. Sahara and youthreach made my dreams realized“